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Pandemic Parenting: Motivation and why it's so difficult

Pandemic Parenting: Problem-solving is a team sport

Pandemic Parenting: Normal isn't normal


Article: Managing Stress That Comes With Drastic Lifestyle Changes Article by Erika S. Wheelhouse, MA, LMHC for Take This.

Great series of articles by mental health professionals for Take This. These were written to offer support during this difficult time.

Take This: COVID Series On TakeThis.org

Spending the quarentine together has a special set of stresses whether you have ADHD or love someone with ADHD. This brilliant channel by Jessica McCabe offers evidenced based information and tips on living with ADHD, including videos dedicated to managing it during the pandemic.

How to ADHD on Youtube

HowtoADHD.com homepage.

LGBTQ Youth face particularly difficult mental health issues during the COVID-19 crisis. The Trevor Project published their White Paper on April 2020 outlining the immediate concerns. The Trevor Project: Implications of COVID-19 for LGBTQ Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

From TheTrevorProject.org

Being gentle with yourself can be a challenge in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. Practicing self-compassion, the act of comforting and gently caring for yourself when experiencing uncomfortable or painful emotions. Dr. Kristen Neff has done extensive research on how self-compassion can positively impact psychological well-being.

Self Compassion exercises by Dr. Kristin Neff On Self-Compassion.org

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