Our Advisory Committee consists of mental health professionals, educators, parents, and community leaders. Those serving on the Advisory Committee are volunteers who generously offer their time and insight, helping Strive provide content of the highest quality.



We work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health while supporting teens and the families that care for them.

Towards that goal, we provide important information on child development and general mental health topics in addition to advocating for better supports and access to care.

Mental health providers, schools, and medical professionals are working to increase awareness of mental illness and provide necessary services within the community, but it is not enough.

Without support and treatment, mental health issues can negatively impact a child’s education, reduce their ability to have healthy friendships, and may increase the risk that they will use drugs and alcohol to cope with daily stressors.

Parents and adult caregivers have an important role in a child’s life - that’s why Strive Family Resources offers free access to accurate, timely, and relevant information to help you better understand yourself and your teens.



Supporting mental health and academic success as a Education Advocate in Boston's Metrowest region and western Middlesex County for teens and young adults who have experienced trauma or an Adverse Childhood Event (ACE).

For more information about Erika’s Education Advocacy, please visit Our Services


Photo of Managing Director Erika Wheelhouse.

Erika S. Wheelhouse, MA, LMHC

Founder and Managing Director

Erika is an award winning writer and researcher, as well as an experienced mental health professional and advocate.


"Families need accurate information from trustworthy sources."

This very simple statement has been the foundation for Erika's work as a mental health provider and advocate since 2009, and led to the creation of Strive Family Resources in 2016.

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